4 Mistakes Freelancers Should Avoid for a Better Freelancer Career


It’s not until you jump on a ship that you realize it’s not a smooth sail at all. This holds for all jobs more so for freelance jobs where you are responsible for everything from set to scrap. Obviously, the probability of committing a mistake is higher and you will have to bear the brunt immediately.

Having been dabbled in the amateur period a long ago, we are well aware of the common mistakes beginner freelancers do. And the only way to avoid them is to know them beforehand and that is what this article is about.

Here are 5 common mistakes beginner freelancer must avoid:.

Not Knowing your worth:

Either they over-estimate their worth or underestimate it, but never know their worth until they are stuck in low paying stints. So we urge you to do a proper research before you settle your prices. Quoting them higher might leave you with less or no work; lower prices may not be profitable to you. So take care of your pricing.

Missing deadlines:

If I were a client nothing puts me off more than a missing deadline. And this could be fatal in this line of work given that the not so good feedbacks could ruin your rep. Take the works that you are confident about and never miss a deadline.

Poor Communication:

Sound communication is what separates a good freelancer form a mediocre one. It’s probably the most important skill to have it in your repertoire. Whatever is the job, please put the client in the loop, report to him at regular intervals with regular updates. Also keep the communication two way: be available to take his calls, give a professional appearance.

Not maintaining a work-life balance:

Agreed that freedom is one of the upsides of having a freelance life; but when work calls you, you will have to answer promptly. Of course, there is that freedom to choose the job you love but the job but down the line you find yourself getting lost in the work to satisfy the client. This is pretty common during the initial stages which lead to burning out and the downward spiral of apathy for work. So we urge you to establish a schedule for work and fun: it need not be a conventional 9 to 5 schedule but could be something that gives you enough rest for you to have good health.

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5 Surprising Facts about Freelance Industry


Technology has brought about a drastic change in the work and the way it is done. The Freelancing industry owes all its success to the new technology changes. Now you could sit in your home and comfortably work for your clients all over the world

Not only that it is showing a huge growth but also has been constantly expanding by bringing out all the traditional jobs into the open freelance arena. That has made India the second largest freelance economy in the world. Yeah, you heard it right; India!

Surprising fact, right? Well, there are more.

Here are 5 surprising facts about the Freelance industry:

1. Freelance jobs got high earning potential:

More than 77% freelancers earn same or even more than the full-timers. If you are the one with skills and self-discipline you can even earn more than your counterparts too. But sometimes it could be just a dry day, so must be prepared for that too.

2. Better Pay to work ratio than Full-time jobs:

On an average, freelancers work 15 hrs less than others, and out of which 77% of them earn same or more. And even better you get to choose your work hours, but the deadlines are always there.Even conventional jobs have them too, don’t they?

3. A Six figure income is a reality:

If a six-figure income is a symbol of success, you need not always work for others to make it.Almost 20% of the freelancers earn in a six-figure range which is expected to rise even more.

3. Lots and lots of jobs:

Just like we have said above, almost all the fields are out in the freelance arena resulting in so many jobs. If you are skilled enough it’s hard to get a job, all you need is to find a right freelance job platform.

4. They all are content with their jobs:

Yes, this might come off as a plain pointer but it has been discovered that freelancers are more content with their jobs than the full-timers. More than 50% of the freelancers would not switch their jobs for any amount of money; it could not be same with others, isn’t it!

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