A Basic Guide for Freelancer Jobs in Content Marketing


Not long ago, the paid advertisements were a rage in online marketing. The rush has reached a tipping point and soon began to whimper to all time low in 2015.The Ad blocking software had become the ultimate weapon of people against the ads. The 200 million Ad block software subscriptions, as estimated in August 2015 have got a lot to do with the decline. No doubt, it’s terrible news for businesses which rely on paid advertisements. But as it goes in every other field, this decline in paid advertising has given away for a more effective form of advertising: The Content Marketing.

In just a few years, ‘Content Marketing’ has become the new buzzword in the marketing industry. Rightly so, because it works! It is estimated that the companies which adopting content marketing have recorded 6 times the conversion rates than their competitors. So if you are a freelance writer, there was never a better time to show your writing chops. All you need is a slight push and couple of hacks to get your next big gig in Content Marketing.

Unlike traditional writing, Content Marketing is 20 % content creation and 80% promotion. No doubt that the content has to be fresh and relevant to your audience. Even more, the emphasis has to be put for the promotion. So, here are some handy tips that can help you:

Learn to Optimize:

It all starts with optimizing your content for the audience. As soon as you come up with a blog idea, search up the keywords,(short and long tail) their search volume, the competition, using tools (free, mostly ).This gives you a fair idea about your strategy before composing the blog article. Learning basic SEO practices helps a lot.

Content Promotion channels:

Now that you have optimized your content, you can start about promoting your content. You can start with sharing your content on your social media profiles for starters. Almost everyone does that so you have to go deeper. Engage with the native forums of the subject group, communities in the social-media and other similar platforms. Network with key people in the subject area and request them to share if they like your blog post.

Promote yourself:

The upside of a career in this field is that your work is given a lot of importance than your experience and academic qualifications. This field also gives a privilege of promoting yourself creatively. You can discuss and highlight your work to promote yourself making it easy to score clients.

Parting thoughts:

The first cardinal rule in a freelance job and for that matter, any job is to make you client happy. Now that you are looking for a job, project yourself as a man that can solve their problems. So first you have to understand their problems which can range from the necessity of blogging frequently, optimizing content for search engines etc. Project your past work experiences that make you the best fit for the job. Horses for the courses, my friend!

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