Freelancers on the Rise: Data Scientist


Time and again, the job market has always bestowed its interest on particular jobs deeming them to be sexy. Data Scientist is the recent entrant to this list. This new career has been making waves in the industry for past two years particularly because of its high earning potential and its relevance in today’s world. And their also has been a considerable rise of demand for the Data Scientists in the Freelance market. Though it’s not long since the technical freelance jobs have gained the traction, Freelance Data Scientists are making huge bucks in the freelance market for their specific skill set.

So What Does a Data Scientist Do Actually?

A Data Scientist is the guy who performs Data Science. His job is to extract value from the data that has been accumulated by the companies for their business, be it: Customer behavior, Competitor behavior, Sales surge etc. A Data Scientist uses his skills and technology on this vast data to generate value for the business folks by creating awareness and clarity about their business.

Let us take an example of an E-commerce website .Suppose you visit an e-commerce website and continue to surf through your requirements: Some Clothes, Laptops, and Books respectively .You bought a laptop from the e-commerce site. Now, when you enter the same e-com website after two or three weeks, you will be finding a column suggesting accessory requirements for your laptop .This column will also be featuring Clothes and Books suggestions based on your previous browsing history which might have been bought by the previous users who have gone through similar products. This is a win –win situation for both consumer and seller .They are saving your time by showing the products you might be interested in and also are successful in enticing you with their products ; final goal : selling their products.

Your behavior is recorded by the e-com site and stored in their database based on the information provided by your cookies in the web browser. But you should also note that there are millions of people surfing the website at the same time. This generates huge volumes of data which has to be studied, optimized and processed to follow the trends and generate the same process which is profitable to the company. The process of making this whole business simpler is often termed as Data Science.

The above example is just a speck in the whole picture that Data Science can accomplish. No doubt it is the one of the most in-demand freelance jobs in recent times.

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