Taking the Freelance Route? Here Are Some Tips for an Aspiring Freelancers


No matter how lucrative a freelance career seems to be, it is advisable to test the waters before taking a plunge. If you are hell-bent on taking the dip and so forth want to two time your full-time job and a freelance one you need to lay a strong foundation that enables you to manage both the jobs without any hassles.

In short, you need an action plan that can pave the way for a profitable career in the time to come. So, here are some tips that can help you with the plan:


First things first: Don’t be an average Joe, i.e. if you are a designer, don’t be ‘any designer’, choose your specialization and market yourself as the same. This saves a lot of time for the employers and also for you to channelize your marketing efforts.

Advertise Yourself:

Your better at what you do and you could probably do the job in less time than others and at a fraction of the cost; but how would your clients know if you are not getting yourself out there? And that is why you need to advertise. Get yourself on Freelance Job Platforms and showcase your work and testimonials from clients you have worked for.

Flexible Hours:

The First advantage that any employee will expect. In freelance employment, one can rule the time and place – can take a full afternoon nap and work at the nights or have a weekend to explore the city. Choose your own working hours, workstation according to your needs, unlike the regular business hours.

Say It Right:

A lot can be saved if you can furnish all the details about your services: your specialization, writing samples, previous clients, your payment channels, and setback times. This helps the employer a lot while skimming through freelancer profiles, not to mention it saves you a lot of time too.

Manage Your Body Clock:

Research says that we humans are most productive in the morning hours, your productive hours may vary and you should milk most out of them. Make a habit to perform your challenging tasks in these peak hours and you will surely save a lot of time.

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