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So much has been said about the rewarding career of the freelancers: about their super comfy lifestyle, the demand for the talented ones, their awesome pay and what not? So do these claims hold their water? Are the pastures really green on the other side?

Yes and No.

Yes because they are true. And No, because freelance is not everything about the ups, there are lows too. There are so many myths in the air that we would like you to clear now. So, read on:

Myth 1: You are free all the time.

Reality: Just like the word string ‘free’ in freelance doesn’t mean free work, it also doesn’t mean you are going to be free all the time. This is more of a misconception because of the unconventional timings of their work. A freelancer is no freer than the full timer; it’s just that they choose their own timings.

Myth 2: You make a lot of money.

A freelancer doesn’t make a lot of money, at least not all of them. Yes, some bright ones do, and that is because they lasted long enough in this field to find ways that could score them best returns for their work. But if you could give your best work and find ways to sell your work, you could stand in the chance to make some huge bucks, now that’s the best part.

Myth 3: No Boss, No Deadlines, and No stress.

No, No and No.

Flexibility in work doesn’t necessarily translate to a stress-free job. Make no mistake you get to do what you love doing but that doesn’t mean you are devoid of Boss or other regulations. You are responsible for your client and you work for his requirements and you do have to stick to the deadlines. But you can choose your client based on your preferences and can avail the flexibility of choosing your timings.

Myth 4: You don’t have to hunt for jobs, they come to you:

Boy, this is the best of the lot should I say it’s the worst? I am sure almost all of us have gone through the job-search period in hope of landing the job, right? Now imagine those periods attached to each other; that’s how tough it is for the fresh freelancer who works on their own. Enrolling yourself on Freelance Job Platforms can be a good start. Of course, it becomes easy and things start to open up when you gain a foothold in the industry but the tides are rough at the start, beware of them.

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